Why couples who train together stay together

We've all heard that sickening phrase '˜couples who train together, stay together', and unfortunately for single people there seems to be some truth in it.

Working out with a partner in the gym.
Working out with a partner in the gym.

Having a training partner has many advantages. Here’s my top five reasons you should consider taking your other half to the gym...

1. No more ‘you spend too much time at the gym’

Ever been jealous of how your partner always seems to find time for the gym and not for you?

Or been made to feel guilty by your partner for sticking to a strict training routine?

Well, if you both go together and follow the same schedule, you can both keep fit and healthy, but also spend some quality time together too.

2. You always have someone to drag you to the gym

We all have those days where going to the gym is the LAST thing you want to do, and are very tempted to swap your trainers for your cosy slippers.

But making your partner your gym partner too means that there’s always someone who knows how to motivate you and who has your best interests at heart – and even if it was a struggle you’ll always feel much better after your workout!

3. Guilt-free massages

Feeling sore and achy is definitely a big part of being a gym goer, and some people love feeling the burn whereas others hate it.

The bonus is, if your partner was the reason for making you do those extra few squats or burpees, they definitely then have the responsibility of looking after you the next day.

So, kick back and relax and allow them to make it up to you in the form of a lovely relaxing massage. Win, win!

4. Endorphins!

Working out, eating well, and just generally staying healthy can mean you are more likely to be happier in general.

So, working out with your partner means you’re more likely to stop that silly bickering and make room for a lot more laughing instead.

Plus, you’ll both be far more energised to go out and do exciting new things together, and look good while doing them!

5. Competition

One of the biggest motivating factors in the gym is a bit of healthy competition, and who better to compete with than your partner?

Setting yourselves goals and seeing who can reach them first, or even a simple 5k race, can really help you to push yourself even harder than if you were doing it solo.

Having a bit of rivalry in your relationship could also be a great way of keeping things exciting and interesting, so you can’t go wrong!

So, there you have it; five good reasons why couples that train together, do stay together.

Now the only task you have is convincing your other half to pull on those leggings and a sweat-band and actually get a sweat on – happy gyming!