World Nutella Day: Six things you probably didn't know about the chocolately spread

It's World Nutella Day and so we'd like to celebrate with some things you might not have known about the nutty, chocolatey spread.
World Nutella DayWorld Nutella Day
World Nutella Day

1) Nutella was originally a solid block produced by manufacturer Ferrero, until the spreadable version was developed and took off on the world stage

2) Nutella was born in 1946 in an Italian factory, in Piedmont, a hazelnut-producing area.

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3) In 2012 Ferrero paid a $3M settlement following being sued over claims that Nutella is 'part of a nutritious breakfast'.

4) Nutella was developed after regular chocolate production became expensive thanks to taxes on cocoa beans.

5) The confectioner is spoiling us for nut-based sweet treats as they, of course, also make Ferrero Rocher.

6) As well as their two famous brands, the company is the world’s third-biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company is also home to the Kinder range, Thorntons - which it acquired in 2015 for £112 million - and the humble Tic-Tac.