These are the 2020 A level exam pass rates broken down by region

Thursday, 13th August 2020, 12:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th August 2020, 12:19 pm
Almost 40 per cent of English A level students have seen their grade downgraded (Photo: Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)

This year's A level results day has been like no other, with students given moderated grades based on an algorithm.

The coronavirus pandemic meant that millions of students across the country were unable to take their exams this year. As a result, the government was forced to come up with a solution to awarding grades.

How were results decided?

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The system asked teachers to give predicted grades for their students, which were then moderated based on criteria such as a school's past performance.

The algorithm has drawn criticism from students, teachers and parents, as thousands of pupils woke up today with results much lower than they'd expected.

Almost 40 per cent of English A level students have seen their grade downgraded.

Labour’s shadow education secretary, Kate Green, has called on the government to "correct the injustice" of this downgrading.

In a statement, she said, "Today is always an anxious day for pupils and parents across the country. That anxiety is far worse this year because of the fiasco caused by the Conservative Government.

“Ministers must act urgently to correct the injustice faced by so many young people today."

Pass rates by region

Despite this, pass rates remained high across England, with the highest proportion of students in Wales, Northern Ireland and England achieving A* grades since the grade was introduced in 2010.

These are the A level pass rates (students receiving A*-E grades) broken down by nation and region across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The figure in brackets is the percentage change on 2019.

- England 98.2% (up 0.7)- Wales 98.6% (up 1.0)- Northern Ireland 99.1% (up 0.8)- North-east England 98.7% (up 0.4)- North-west England 98.4% (up 0.4)- Yorkshire & the Humber 98.4% (up 0.6)- West Midlands 97.8% (up 0.7)- East Midlands 98.2% (up 0.7)- Eastern England 98.3% (up 0.7)- South-west England 98.4% (up 0.7)- South-east England 98.4% (up 0.6)- London 98.0% (up 1.1)- All 98.3% (up 0.7)

This is the percentage of students who received top grades (A* and A):

- England 27.6% (up 2.4)- Wales 29.9% (up 2.9)- Northern Ireland 33.2% (up 2.3)- North-east England 24.9% (up 1.9)- North-west England 25.3% (up 1.7)- Yorkshire & the Humber 25.4% (up 2.2)- West Midlands 24.2% (up 2.2)- East Midlands 24.4% (up 3.4)- Eastern England 28.0% (up 2.3)- South-west England 28.6% (up 2.8)- South-east England 30.7% (up 2.4)- London 29.8% (up 2.9)- All 27.9% (up 2.4)