This company will pay you to explore New York for three months - here's how to apply

If you've always dreamed of exploring New York but are hesitant about the cost, one company is offering you the opportunity to live rent-free in the city this summer.

The Downtown Alliance for New York City is looking for an "Explorer in Chief" to spend three months exploring bars, restaurants and tourist attractions and creating content off the back of your adventures.

As well as paying you for the trouble, the Alliance will even put you up in a rent-free apartment just off the famous Wall Street - putting you right in the centre of everything Lower Manhattan has to offer.

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    As part of the role, you'll be expected to act as Lower Manhattan’s "dedicated storyteller", showcasing all the best that the area has to offer through content which you'll provide to the Alliance.

    The company will put you up rent-free in Lower Manhattan. (Photo: Shutterstock)

    The ideal applicant will be "charismatic and comfortable as the center of attention but who also knows that the location is, ultimately, the star of the story."

    You'll also have to have a keen eye, a camera-ready personality and a talent for producing compelling, entertaining content.


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    The job will last three months, beginning on June 1 and ending on August 30.

    It's a full-time role, and you'll be expected to head out on excursions at various times, which could range from sunrise to late at night.

    To apply, you'll have to submit a video detailing why you're the best fit for the role. (Photo: Shutterstock)


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    To apply, you'll have to fill out an application form which asks various questions including "What makes you unique? Why should YOU be Lower Manhattan's Explorer In Chief?"

    You'll also be expected to record a 60-second video detailing "why this opportunity excites you" and "why you should be Lower Manhattan's Explorer In Chief this summer."

    The job ad encourages you to be as creative as possible with your video: "You can speak to the camera directly, explore a hidden gem in your town, sing a song, write a poem, beat box, break dance, anything. The goal is to show us you can tell a story, and this story is about you! "

    To see further details and apply for the opportunity, follow this link.