What’s in the Aldi Special buys and Lidl middle aisle on Sunday, 14 August

Do any of these bargains take your fancy?

The middle aisles at Aldi and Lidl can be a treasure trove for great bargains in all things from pet accessories to kitchen appliances.

Items such as pizza ovens, which are included in the middle of Lidl this week, would be ideal for the current hot summer we are experiencing. While the pasta machines at Aldi are always a fan favourite.

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Getting your hands on the supermarket deals quickly is important as the items are often popular and sell fast so we’ve listed some of the highlights you can find online to purchase from Sunday August 14.

Aldi Specialbuys

Most Popular

    Kirkton House Pasta Machine

    Kirkton House Pasta Machine (Aldi)
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    If you fancy making your own pasta, then the Kirkton House Pasta Machine will be the product for you.

    Made out of Carbon Steel, Iron, and IBS, this pasta rolling machine is available for just £14.99.

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    Crofton 30cm Steel Wok

    Crofton Wok (Photo: Aldi)
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    Staying in the kitchen with this Crofton Steel Wok which has a 4.9 litre capacity and is available for £24.99.

    The Wok is made from Stainless Steel, Glass, and Aluminium and is heat resistant up to 220C.

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    Rectangular Food Storage 6 Pack

    Food storage containers (Pic: Aldi)
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    These food storage containers come in four sizes, Small (470ml), Medium (1000ml), Large (1500ml), and Extra Large (2000ml).

    The items are also dishwasher safe.

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    For the full list of special buy items in Aldi, visit the Aldi website.

    Middle of Lidl

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    Bushbeck Pizza Oven

    Bushbeck Pizza Oven (Photo: Lidl)
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    Arguably the pick of the bunch from Lidl this week, this Bushbeck Pizza Oven is available for just £149.99.

    It has a removable fire spit for easy cleaning and heat resistant handles.

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    Silvercrest Kitchen Air Fryer

    Silvercrest Kitchen Air Fryer (Lidl)
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    This £29.99 Silvercrest Kitchen Air Fryer will revolutionise how you do your cooking.

    The Air Fryer has a variable temperature from 80ºC to 200ºC and a 30 minute timer with automatic shut-off

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    Breville Iced Coffee Maker

    Breville Iced Coffee Maker (Photo: Lidl)
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    An ideal purchase in the current hot weather, this Breville Iced Coffee Maker is available for £29.99.

    Brewed to perfection, the machine quickly cools hot-brewed coffee over ice for a flavoursome drink that’s never watered down.

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    To browse all of the latest Middle of Lidl deals, visit the Lidl website.

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