Best 4K TVs UK 2022: which smart TV is best? We review ultra HD models from Sony, Samsung, LG, and Currys

Don’t be confused by abstract product names and too much choice. Here are the best performing smart TVs for 2022

The best smart TVs 2021, from Argos, Samsung, and Currys The best smart TVs 2021, from Argos, Samsung, and Currys
The best smart TVs 2021, from Argos, Samsung, and Currys

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Manufacturers don’t make it easy to find the best 4K or TV to buy in 2022. TV names are strings of seemingly random numbers and letters. The features that distinguish one set from another can seem impenetrable, and rarely tell you the most important stuff.

What should I look for in a new TV?

High contrast and brightness will usually make more of a difference to your experience than some fancy new upscaler algorithm that cleans up ITV daytime TV programmes a bit.

We can help. Below you’ll find a list of some of our favourite 2022 TVs. We’re sticking to the high-end and mid-range models here. If you want a bargain, take a look at our best affordable TV round-up.

Best 4K Ultra Smart TVs at a glance

Which brand should I opt for?

A list of the best TVs regardless of budget focuses even more on the big names: Samsung Sony and LG being the top three brands in 2022.

But your first decision is whether to buy an OLED TV or an LCD-based one. LCDs include Samsung QLED sets and all but a few Sony models.


OLEDs still offer the deepest, most cinematic picture in a dark room, because each pixel is its own light source. They can be ‘switched off’ independently. The best new LCD sets get close, though, and are usually far brighter. This is important for HDR or daytime viewing, particularly if there are big, bright windows nearby where it will live.

We’ll largely stick to TVs normal people might buy in the round-up below. While some of you might dream of an 84-inch 8K screen, most of us can’t afford one, or the house remodelling it would probably require.

All models are available in several sizes, the quotes prices relating to the 55-inch version, currently the most popular size.

If you find, after purchasing your TV, the sound a little lacking, consider a sound bar for a more cinematic experience.

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