Charity event bringing back DJ's from South Shields nightclubs Victors, Porters, Tunnel Club, Eivissa and DeNiros planned to raise money for Cancer Research UK

A special event to raise money for Cancer Research UK is bringing back fondly remembered DJ’s from nightclubs of South Shields past at Jade Thirlwall's Arbeia bar.

The event, on Saturday, July 2, is being organised by music brand Forever 54, which was launched by Mike Holmes 45, from Whitburn, with the aim of promoting music and DJ’s in the North East.

The night will bring back the look, feel and music of a South Shields night out in the 90’s and early 2000’s, with DJ’s from former clubs Victors, Porters, Tunnel Club, Eivissa and DeNiros, set to appear.

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Money raised from the event will go towards Cancer Research UK, a charity close to Mike’s heart and he is hoping to “bring back the glory days of South Shields nightlife”.

DJ's from former South Shields nightclubs are set to return in aid of Cancer Research UK
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He said: “Forever 54 is a concept I wanted to bring to life after years of working as a DJ and nightclub promoter, in order to help and support music and DJ’s in the North East. There's never been a stronger selection of musicians and DJ’s coming out of the North East and we try to encourage them to stay local and perform in local areas.

“In Arbeia, we’re bringing back some of the ‘old school’ DJ’s from the South Shields scene in the 90’s and early 00’s and we’re planning on putting something very special on.

“My father passed away from cancer in 2011 and I had my own brief brush with it two years ago, so cancer has touched our family quite a lot and it made me want to do something to help people while at the same time doing something I know and love.”

Arbeia, South Shields

As part of the event, Arbeia will be decorated with a 90’s disco feel to get people in the spirit and bring back memories of clubs gone by.

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DJ’s set for the night include DJ Barney, Kyle Jackson, Steve Pybus, Steve Walton, who are all performing free of charge, as well as vocals from Beth Hopper.

The Forever 54 charity night will take place at Arbeia on Saturday, July 2nd. The event is free to enter, with collection buckets out for those who wish to donate and will run from an early time of 5pm-10pm, but may continue for longer and through the night.

Former South Shields nightclub Eivissa
Former South Shields nightclub Porters
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Forever 54 founder Mike Holmes