'You're not alone' - event to help people with mental health battles in South Tyneside

Mental health is being thrown into the spotlight in an event aimed at letting people know “they're not alone.”

Five speakers from across South Tyneside will take to the stage of the Hedworth Hall on Thursday, October 20, in aid of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).Coaches Luke Harrison, Sam Gibson and former nurse turned coach Tracy Holmes will share their own personal journeys of their battle with their mental health and how they overcame the negative thoughts that were affecting their everyday lives.

They will be joined by Jordan Trotter, organiser of South Shields 'Walk 'N' Talk’.

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The free event open to all will be hosted by Adam James Proud.

Coach Luke Harrison, author of 'Supercharged' and 'How to Stop Overthinking', is one of the speakers at the event.

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    Mr Harrison, said: “We know mental health is deteriorating in more and more people, with most people not knowing where or who they can go to for help.

    “Through this event, we wanted to get as many people together as possible so they can see they are not alone, and that we're here to listen and help guide them through this. We want people to know there is help out there.”

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    Throughout the course of the night, each speaker will look at various areas relating to mental health, including uncovering the real reasons why a person's eating may be erratic and how a bad diet can impact mental health, as well as coping with grief following the death of a loved one.

    Mr Harrison added: “The event is aimed at helping people by giving them the tools to be able to get rid of their negative thinking, move out of a downward spiral quickly, deal with grief or loss easier, eradicate lazy attitude and feel more mentally wealthy and on track with their healthy habits.

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    Hedworth Hall, Dean Road.

    “We've got five incredible speakers with decades of experience between them and I think people will really learn a lot. Hopefully, we can get those that attend moving in a more positive direction.”

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    The event is open to those who are experiencing problems with their own mental health, as well as those supporting loved ones who may be going through a rough patch in their lives, and those wanting to find out more about improving their own mental health.

    The event starts at 6.30pm. Donations to CALM on the night welcome.