Love Island look back: What we've learned from the first week in the villa - and why Liam was right to put his mental health first

As week one of the villa is over let’s take a look and what’s happened in the first week in the land of love.

Well that first week of the villa went over quick didn’t it? Despite only being at the start of the Love Island journey there’s already so many memes and tweets that have give me the giggles. Long may they continue.

I always find the first week of Love Island a little dry until the show develops but it doesn’t stop me sitting on the sofa at 9pm every evening with my snacks.

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During the first week we’ve got to know the contestants a little more and it was sad to discover Liam, who seemed genuine and was having no luck with the girls, made the decision to leave the villa.

Love Island cast

Liam admitted to not feeling himself despite his best efforts to remain in a positive mind frame, he announced to the islanders he would be leaving.

It was sad to see him go but it’s also a relief to know he is putting his mental health first and making a decision to benefit him. I hope he is feeling better and finds the girl he’s looking for.

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During the same episode we watched islanders gather round the fire pit for the first re-coupling which I predicted of who would couple up with who.

Despite falling hard for Gemma a few days earlier, Italian heartthrob Davide decided to couple up with new bombshell Ekin-Su. I think this couple are going to cause a storm during the series.

The re-coupling meant Paige and Afia were left single but Liam’s early departure meant the girls remained safe and a new boy was to enter the villa.

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The arrival of the new boy came as a shock to Gemma in last night’s episode as it turned out to be her ex-boyfriend, Jacques. Awkward. No one wants to see their ex on a show where they’re trying to find a new love.

As Luca is coupled up with Gemma, he’s already feeling the heat of Jacques being around and if his arrival could jeopardise anything between him and Gemma.

Is Jacques in there to play a game and win Gemma back or is he genuinely looking for love?