South Shields ice-cream parlour Minchella & Co launch full vegan menu - including the famous knickerbocker glory

Now vegans of the North East can enjoy a trademark knickerbocker glory, along with a whole host of other sweet treats, as Minchella & Co launch a full menu free from dairy and animal products.

By Sarah Sinclair
Saturday, 6th July 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Monday, 8th July 2019, 2:28 am

The much-loved South Shields ice-cream company launched a vegan and dairy-free menu on Friday, June 21 to meet increasing demand from customers.

After previously running several limited-edition vegan specials to gauge the popularity of the products, the ice-cream artists went all out with menu including traditional favourites such as the knickerbocker glory, sundaes and floats and the good old vegan ‘99’ style cone – complete with flake made from vegan milk chocolate.

“This conscious development was inline with a diet many customers don’t follow by choice such as those with a lactose intolerance or a milk allergy,” explained Minchella & Co production manager, Jonnie Halling.

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Luke Minchella prepares the Minchella & Co vegan Knickabockaglory

“It was also to suit a growing vegan movement whose beliefs are in line with some current strategic goals here at Minchella & Co, such as; sustainability, organic produce and environmentally friendly packaging.”

He continued: “We recently had our national gold medal winning lemon sorbet on the menu as a permanent fixture… although customers enjoyed it, the common response was that it just wasn’t the same as ice cream.

“From positive responses and feedback gained in our parlours and from social media platforms, it was clear that we not only had to create dairy free and vegan ice cream flavours, but a range that utilised the flavours across a full menu.”

To ensure their vegan vanilla rivals the original, Joe Minchella and his team have used a blend of oat milk, coconut oil and organic Madagascan vanilla, to create that signature “creamy” flavour.

Minchella & Co have launched a vegan menu, including the classic '99' style cone

“It was essential to make a dairy free and vegan vanilla which boldly rivalled it’s traditional counterpart. With vanilla being such a delicate flavour, it was crucial to use the right ingredients to get something close to the original,” said Jonnie.

“Also, the peach ice cream has been a big hit, as the alternative flavour to vanilla.”

The full vegan and dairy-free menu is available at Minchella & Co ice-cream parlours on Ocean Road and Sea Road in South Shields.

The new Minchella & Co vegan menu