EMMA-LEWELL BUCK: The Prime Minister does not deserve to hold public office

The Prime Minister is a liar. He has lost all authority and demeans his role daily. The longer his Cabinet and MPs support him, the more culpable they all are in propping him up.

The longer his Cabinet and MPs support him, the more culpable they all are in propping up the most

corrupt PM this country has ever known.

At this moment in time, there are only two ways he can be forced from office, either by resigning or by 54 of his MPs writing to their Parliamentary 1922 Committee Chair. As this week’s PMQs proved, he lacks the dignity it would take to resign. Therefore, it is in the gift of his own benches to free us from this charlatan.

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It can’t be underestimated how much hurt people are feeling, how angry they are and how insulted they feel. The week began with him laughing and smirking about the parties he attended and refusing to admit he had broken the rules he told us all to live by. By Wednesday he had no choice but to admit he broke the rules, he then issued mealy-mouthed excuses for why he did so. Apparently didn’t realise he was at yet another party and assumed all the people in his garden drinking and eating were at a work event. What utter contempt he has for us.

He partied at the same time as loved ones were dying alone, people watched their relatives and friends take their last breaths via zoom.

During this time, people were completely cut off from their family and friends, businesses were going to the wall, people’s mental health was declining, missed health appointments led to avoidable deaths and children’s education was severely disrupted.

This was at the same time as key workers, NHS and care workers were working flat out, risking their own lives every single day to care for others and keep our core services running.

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This man doesn’t deserve to hold public office full stop, he shouldn’t even be an MP. We are being ruled by an insincere, arrogant, spoilt posh boy who has never and never will care about anyone but himself. His MPs need to act before he does further damage.