Majority of Gazette readers support a call for a new General Election

The majority of readers who voted in our poll answered in favour of supporting a new General Election and this is why.

Boris Johnson
(Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)
Boris Johnson (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

The poll results came after Boris Johnson's snap general election plan had been roundly rejected, after his attempt to keep a no-deal Brexit suffered a major blow.

The Prime Minister wants to hold the election on Tuesday, October 15, but failed on Wednesday, September 4 to get the Commons majority required.

In a Facebook poll, we asked you: “Would you like to see a new General Election called?”

Around 900 readers took part in the online poll, with almost 600 (66%) answering yes.

Many of you got in touch in the Facebook comments to share your views on this matter.

Joe Allan argued: “Yes, purely so we can have an elected head of state. This is supposed to be a democracy. A second referendum is needed now that we're more aware of the implications of leave or remain. Nothing against either voter. I just think forewarned is forearmed and we weren't fully aware of what will happen if we leave when the referendum was held.”

John Sutherland said: “Yes as long as it’s after the 31st of October and the no deal amendment has been passed.”

Pauline Metcalfe has concerns for the future of voting. She said: “Yes I would but my concern is a lot of people are saying they will never vote again. That is not the answer. You must vote if you want your wishes upheld or the result will not be what you want.”


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Valerie Prudham replied: “Only way to deliver what the people voted for.”

Not everyone is all for a new general election. Just over 300 (34%) of people voted no.

David Turnbull commented: “What’s the point?”

Zoë Chantal Elizabeth-Jane Cox also said: “What's the point?”


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Some readers just want a final Brexit decision.

Deborah Henderson said: “Just get on with Brexit instead of finding other things to delay. It’s dragging on far to long.

Susan Erskine said: “Just get Brexit done.”

These results to our poll were reported at 8.30pm on Thursday, September 5.