Majority of Gazette readers think all hospital parking should be free

The majority of Gazette readers who voted in our recent poll believe all hospital parking should be free in our area.
Readers have had their say on hospital parking prices.Readers have had their say on hospital parking prices.
Readers have had their say on hospital parking prices.

On Thursday, December 12, along with the all important poll that day, we asked readers to decide on something different in our daily Facebook vote.

We asked you: “Do you think all hospital parking should be free?”

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Out of over 1,200 readers who voted, 93% voted yes while only 7% voted against the idea.

Sylvia Post suggested: Why not send out a parking permit with your appointment letter? One that can be scanned on the parking meter to confirm your appointment and then give you free parking for a couple of hours.”

Edward Stoker said: “This land is owned by the NHS, which is payed by the people, so why should you pay if going into hospitals or visiting? Maybe a fee if you are just leaving your car there all day – different matter.”

Karl William Bullock argued: “It depends were the hospital is. Barnsley, for example, is in the middle of town so it would get flooded by shoppers and then visitors and patients wouldn’t have any spaces left. Shields, on the other hand, isn’t near anything that attracts that many people so free parking shouldn’t be an issue.”

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Susan Gough said: “If you’re disabled and have a blue badge or mobility car, if you register your registration number with the hospital you then don’t have to pay for parking.”

Matthew Hunt commented: “I don't mind a moderate charge to pay for security and management of the car parks.”

Sharon Brennan argued: “Staff parking should be free.”

Vicky Chisholm added: “Staff parking should be definitely be free. There are plenty places to park in the surrounding areas and walk a couple hundred yards if visitors begrudge paying.”

Gary Gibson added: “Not free but the costs redeemed or refunded once proof of visit established. Imagine the RVI with uncontrolled free parking? That close to to the city centre and St James’s park. There should be free designated card controlled staff parking.”