No cans on Wembley Way for Sunderland AFC fans - what Public Spaces Protection Order around stadium means for Red and White Army

A Public Spaces Protection Order that applies to the area around Wembley Stadium means that Sunderland AFC fans could be fined if they are caught drinking alcohol ahead of the League One play-off final.

With more than 40,000 Black Cats fans set to attend the match against Wycombe Wanderers on Saturday, May 21, it is worth nothing that a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is in force for the area that surrounding Wembley Stadium.

The PSPO aims to “help deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area that is damaging to the local community’s quality of life” and means that alcohol can only be consumed in designated areas such as pubs and fanzones.

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As part of the PSPO, shops and off-licences around Wembley Stadium are also banned from selling alcohol on match days.

Sunderland AFC fans heading to Wembley on Saturday, May 21, will not be permitted to drink alcohol on Wembley Way.

According to Brent Council’s website, the following is against the law:

*To engage in illegal street trading which includes the buying and/or selling of any item(s) including tickets (ticket touting) to any person.

*To consume alcohol or having an open alcohol container in a public space, who without reasonable excuse continues consuming alcohol or fails to surrender the alcohol in his/her possession when asked to do so by a Police Officer or authorised Council officer.

*To distribute free literature which includes leaflets, the giveaway of free samples etc. without authorisation from the London Borough of Brent.

The area in red shows the boundaries of the Public Spaces Protection Order that surrounds Wembley Stadium.

*To litter (such as cigarettes, bottles, cans, packets, food, urination,) etc.

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*To fly drone(s) without written consent from the land owner and/or the London Borough of Brent.

*To fly-post, which has potential to deface or damage fixtures, furniture or any other items.

*To let off fireworks, including flares and smoke emitters in a public place, which may cause a nuisance and panic.

*To play games or competitions which may cause an obstruction or nuisance to members of the public.

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*To undertake busking and use of loud speakers causing a nuisance without authorisation from the landowner and/or the London Borough of Brent.

*To leave the engine of a vehicle idling without reasonable excuse, which is continued when asked to be stopped by an authorised Council officer.

*To undertake Charity Collections without the consent from London Borough of Brent.

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Consequences of being caught breaching the Public Spaces Protection Order

Anyone caught breaching the PSPO, then you will be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, payable within 14 days.

If you pay the fine within ten days, then a discounted charge of £75 is applied.

Should you choose to ignore the penalty notice, it could rise to a level three fine on prosecution and result in a £1,000 charge.

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The Public Spaces Protection Order applies to all areas contained within the following:

*From the junction of Drury Way along the railway line to Bridge Road, towards Empire Way to junction of Wembley Park Drive.

*From Empire Way including Wembley Hill Road, Park Place, Dagmar Avenue continuing south to Wembley Hill Road leading to High Road including Central Square and parts of Harrow Road.

*Continuing from junction of Wembley Hill Road along South Way, Great Central Way back to the junction of Drury Way.