Passenger assaulted Metro worker after failing to get ticket machine to work

A South Tyneside man admitted assaulting a Metro worker after he couldn’t get the ticket machine to work.
The incident happened at Heworth Metro stationThe incident happened at Heworth Metro station
The incident happened at Heworth Metro station

Jonathon James Olley, 32, of Ellison Street, Hebburn, pleaded guilty to the assault at the Heworth Metro Station on September 14.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said a member of staff noticed Olley trying to use the ticket machine and he seemed to be getting frustrated because it wouldn’t take his £20 note.

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He said: “Mr Olley squeezed through the barrier and headed down towards the platform.”

Mr Anderson said a member of staff went to tell him he had to have a ticket and he couldn’t travel without one. Mr Olley said he needed to see his dad

“Mr Olley got on a train, which wasn’t allowed to go.”

He said the defendant got off the train and there was an exchange and some confusion over a mobile phone and Olley pushed one of the staff members in the chest.

Val Bell, defending, said: “Unfortunately he was not in a particularly good place on the day in question.

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“At the end of June he was the victim of a very serious assault in which he suffered a number of head injuries, which he is still recovering from.”

She said since then he has been in and out of hospital for treatment to his injuries, which included fractures to his cheeks, jaw and eye socket.

She said: “He has struggled and on occasion he has taken more alcohol than he should. He had been drinking on that day.

“He had the money to get a ticket. He was going to see his father who was back at home having been discharged from hospital.

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“He was angry and upset and frustrated that he couldn’t get the ticket machine to work.”

Ms Bell said when he pushed the Metro worker it was because he mistakenly thought he had his phone, which he had misplaced.

She said: “He is genuinely remorseful and sorry for what happened.”

Olley was fined £115 and ordered to pay £85 costs, a £32 victim surcharge and £50 in compensation.