Raft of safety improvements planned for John Reid Road in South Shields after investigation

Works are planned to improve safety along one of the busiest roads in South Shields.
John Reid Road in South ShieldsJohn Reid Road in South Shields
John Reid Road in South Shields

More than 22,000 drivers travel on John Reid Road every day, but a recent traffic survey has found poor visibility at key junctions and outdated traffic lights – as well as thousands of drivers regularly breaking the speed limit.

According to the findings of South Tyneside Council, overgrown vegetation at Boldon Lane roundabout is affecting motorists’ sight lines, but will be removed to meet ‘minimum visibility requirements’.

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Outside south Shield Community Fire Station, current traffic lights are ‘still safe’, but also ‘old and require upgrading’ and cash for their replacement will need to be found later this year.

Chris Elliott, a senior engineer for the council, told the panel more than a fifth of motorists break the road’s 40 mph, prompting promises of a crackdown from Northumbria Police.

He added: “From our sight observations we also noted at the Boldon Lane roundabout the vegetation was blocking sight lines, particularly to the route coming from Whiteleas Way.

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“Also the traffic signals at the fire station, although the equipment is working, currently it’s quite old and in need of replacement.

“In conclusion, we’ve noted the residents who raised concerns were correct – there is a speed problem which needs to be addressed.”

However, while the recognition of problems on the busy road and promises to address issues were welcomed by the CAF, plans also raised some concerns.

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Coun Jim Foreman asked whether council bosses would be ‘cancelling Christmas’ with proposals to remove excess vegetation from the Boldon Lane roundabout and if this would affect Christmas tree displays on it.

Mr Elliott reassured Coun Foreman trees would be removed from the roundabout while clearance work is carried out, but that they would be replaced once that is complete.