Remembering South Shields' own contest-winning Girl Guides

Memories came flooding back for members of the Girls' Brigade 1st South Shields Company Trumpet and Drum Corps, who won a competition in London in 1984, when we posted a photo of them online.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 8:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 9:14 am
Members of the Girls Brigade 1st South Shields Company Trumpet and Drum Corps with their trophies.

Barbara Price Carr said: “Too many happy memories to list. Most of these girls are all still friends and pleased to say 1st South Shields Girls brigade is still going strong.”

Melanie Robinson responded saying: “Wow Barbara, what fab memories they were, loved every minute of my time in the GB, treasured forever.”

Mortimer Comprehensive School cross country team.

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Gloria Ghent took to Facebook to say: “Proud days seeing you all performing in Royal Albert Hall following the mayhem in the corridors” before listing the following people ... Gloria Ghent, Claire Fall, Julie Plunkett, Clare Anderson-Au, Tracey Allan, Sharon Bell, Sharon Moyse, Karen Smallwood, Michelle Monkhouse, Leanne Rickaby, Amanda Boad, Claire Lomas, Clair Wilson, Melanie Howe, Julie Allan and Julie Dennison.

One of those, Claire Lomas, said: “Best years, have lots of fantastic memories with all you” while Claire Fall, who was also named,” wrote: “Just had photos out of Royal Albert Hall days” and Joanne Lea (nee) Porter added: “Fantastic memories and very happy days.”

Another photo, taken in February 1991, showing Mortimer Comprehensive School Cross Country Team, also generated lots of online posts when I asked if people actually enjoyed doing such runs?

Nass Kapranos said: “Hated it. Used to go through the allotments”, while Diana Lambton added: “Hated cross country, I used to get the bus.”

Young musicians from Redwell Comprehensive School in 1985.

Vicki Hall posted: “All I remember about cross county was corned beef legs.”

However, Kevin Southerton gave the thumbs up, saying: “Used to love them, won most of them too.”

A third photo, showing young musicians from Redwell Comprehensive School getting ready to perform in April 1985, also hit the right note with readers.

Lynne Maughan said: “Wow what a fantastic photo. I always wanted to be in the band. Philip Jack was one of my best friends at school.

“I’ve never forgotten you Philip” while Tracy Wells Thirlwall added: “Aww lovely photo and memories.”