South Tyneside weather forecast for the week ahead - how long is the sunshine set to last?

South Tyneside is basking in glorious sunshine – but how long is it set to last?

The good news is, Met Office forecasters say the clear skies and sunny weather are likely to be here until the weekend.

The bad news is that peak temperatures will come mid-week.

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Monday, March 21

Today’s bright start to the week is expected to last right through to this evening.

Forecasters are expecting the weather to turn cloudy around 9pm and remain overcast overnight.

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Temperatures are set to hit highs of 9°C in mid-afternoon, but with a bit of a breeze it will feel two or three degrees colder.

Tuesday, March 22

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The dry weather is set to continue

Early cloud cover should give way to more sunshine by late morning on Tuesday and the sun is set to keep shining apart from a couple of brief periods of cloud in mid-afternoon.

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It will feel warmer than today, with highs of 12°C and only a gentle breeze to cool things down.

The clear skies will mean temperatures dip overnight, however, with a low of 6°C by early morning.

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Wednesday, March 23

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Wednesday is set to be clear all day, with the sun quickly raising temperatures once it starts to climb.

The mercury is forecast to peak in early afternoon, with highs of 14°C.

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But again, the clear skies will see a sharp fall in temperature once the sun sets, with a low of just 5°C by early morning.

Thursday, March 24

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Despite more cloud cover, Thursday is again tipped to be warm..

Sunny intervals will see the temperature rise as high as 15°C in early to mid afternoon, with little breeze.

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And increased cloud cover means temperatures will not fall as far overnight , with a predicted low of of 7°C.

Friday, March 25

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Another bright and sunny day, though not quite as warm as Thursday, with highs of 14°C at lunchtime, cooling a touch during the late afternoon.

A clear night will again see temperatures fall as low as 6°C.

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Saturday and Sunday, March 26 and 27

The dry weather is set to last through the weekend, though with increased cloud cover.

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And it won’t feel quite as warm, with highs of 12°C.

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