Adding contraceptive pills to your shampoo won’t help hair growth - the bizarre trend debunked

A medical professional has warned against a new TikTok trend which is seeing users add crushed contraceptive pills to their shampoo in an attempt to make their hair grow.

Users seem to be under the impression that the birth control pills can boost the levels of oestrogen and help them to grow thicker, fuller hair.

Cosmetic Doctor, Shirin Lakhani, debunked the story, telling the Daily Mail that crushing up birth control pills into your shampoo won’t do anything.

‘Hormonal contraceptives will not make your hair grow’

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    Users of the app around the world have believed that the birth control pills will help with hair growth.

    One posted a video with the comment, “I heard #birthcontrolpills in your shampoo is supposed to help with hair growth.” Another user claimed she learned the hair growth tip from her mum, as she showed viewers a shot of her short hair.

    The clips of the trend have racked up thousands of views, with some viewers commenting that they are going to try it “immediately.”

    Dr Lakhani, of Elite Aesthetics, explained, “I can see why people may think that adding hormonal contraceptives to shampoo makes hair grow longer.”


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    “The viral trend for adding hormonal contraceptives to shampoo in a bid to make hair grow longer won’t work.

    “Hormonal contraceptives are not designed to be absorbed transdermally and the skin is an otherwise impermeable barrier.”

    Healthy hair growth alternatives

    Dr Lakhani recommended other hair growth alternatives, including eating food rich in biotins and Vitamin B. These can be found in meat, seafood, leafy greens and almonds.


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    Caffeine infused products can also be useful in promoting growth effects on your hair. A 2014 study found that caffeine may promote new hair growth at the molecular, cellular and organ levels, in both men and women.

    Boosting your nutrient profile and taking specific vitamins and minerals can improve your overall health, and also provide your body with the energy needed for hair growth.

    A 2016 study found that a daily, four minute long scalp massage can relieve stress and help develop thicker hair. The study saw nine men develop healthier hair after 24 weeks of daily four minute scalp massages.