School tells parents to stop wearing dressing gowns when dropping off children

By Group Reporter
Saturday, 2nd October 2021, 10:44 am
Ayresome Primary School, in Middlesbrough, has told parents dressing gowns are not appropriate for the school run (Photo: Google)

A primary school has fuelled a social media debate after calling on parents to stop wearing dressing gowns when they drop off their children.

In a Facebook post, Ayresome Primary School in Middlesbrough warned parents that nightwear is “not appropriate”.

What did the primary school say?

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The school reportedly posted: “Please can we ask that all parents / carers dress appropriately when dropping off and collecting children from school.

“Dressing gowns on the school yard are not appropriate.

The post sparked a debate on Facebook, with users divided on the issue.

‘No excuse’

Kate on Facebook sided with the school’s position: “I’m not surprised to be fair amazes me how people go to the supermarket! And completely agree with the school having standards no excuse, I am a single mam and leave for work at 740 but still manage to get myself and kids dressed and dropped off at child minders.”

Nick agreed: “I've seen parents dropping off kids in onesies and dressing gowns in my daughter's old school. If I expect my child to get dressed for school I should too.”

Nikki added: “Why would anyone want to embarrass their child by wearing PJs and dressing gown to drop them off at school and embarrassing them in front of their mates?”

Another Facebook user wrote: “I get that it's been a tough period in life with lockdown, but lockdown is over now and it's time to get dressed, surely and jumper and lounge pants suffice rather than a dressing gown?”

‘Who are we to judge?’

However, others questioned the school’s stance on the issue, and argued that more empathy was needed.

Dawn wrote: “Does it really matter what parents, wear to drop kids off, as long as kids, are, dressed appropriately for school and on time? Who are we to judge why the parent isn't dressed appropriately? May be he/she has had a rough night with a baby or they have health issues. Never judge others because you don't know the reason behind them.”

Fran added: “[The] important thing is at least the kids got to school. Some people are so judgmental.”

One teacher wrote: “As a teacher, I'm happy they are taking their children to school and keeping them safe.”

This article was originally published on NationalWorld.