Best air fryers UK: best ones for sale from Ninja, Tefal, Currys, Amazon- and are they a healthier way to fry?

Best UK air fryers 2022, and are they a healthier way to fry?Best UK air fryers 2022, and are they a healthier way to fry?
Best UK air fryers 2022, and are they a healthier way to fry? | Best UK air fryers 2022, and are they a healthier way to fry?

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As an energy efficient, cost effective, healthy way to cook, air fryers are flying off the shelves. These are the best ones around

An air fryer is a must-have for every busy kitchen. You can make everything from freezer snacks to healthy haute cuisine in these worktop gadgets – essentially they are like mini ovens, using convection heat and fans to force hot air around trays or baskets of food, baking and crisping faster than conventional ovens.

Who would benefit from an air fryer? 

Using less energy, air fryers are a great choice for solo cooks who feel that one solitary ready meal in a full-size oven is wasteful. They’re quick to heat up, easy to use and can reduce oven cooking times by up to half.

Teens and students love them for their snacking possibilities (cheese toasties, pakora, spicy wedges, nuggets, etc) and we love the safety aspect – no deep frying, splashing fat or forgotten oven trays. All the models here will cut off after cook time is up and make it easy to check on dishes’ progress using little or no added oil to crisp things up.

Will it cook tasty food – and is it healthier?  

Because the convection fan forces heat around your food much faster and more forcefully than a conventional oven, items cooked in a convection oven crisp up much better than any oven-baked item will. You'll end up with crisper, more evenly cooked food. We found the food cooked in our air fryers suitably tasty. 

We would, however, ensure that  you use a small amount of fat or oil for cooking, just for flavour’s sake. For example, oven chips are well served by a quick spray of oil before being cooked. This will avoid the dreaded blandness of no-fat food while still maintaining the desired lower-fat effect.

A standard serving of oven chips cooked in an air fryer will be pleasantly crisp at only 5 grams of fat of serving – while a deep-fried, same-sized portion will have 18 grams. It’s a great way of reducing saturated fat in your daily diet.  

Are they simple to use? 

Honestly - it couldn’t be easier to use an air fryer. Plug them in, place your food in the tray, set the time and the temperature - and walk away. So simple.  

Clean up is easy, with all of our featured models having removable trays and baskets that are dishwasher friendly.

What are the best available? 

We tested a range of air fryers with single cooks, families and couples and all our testers – even the most cynical amongst them – agreed an air fryer was a great addition to their kitchen.

Trying a range of models out for making snacks, meals and to supplement their oven cooking for the Sunday roast, there were lots of new fans willing to eat their words – and just a few more crispy oven chips.

Best air fryers at a glance

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Russell Hobbs Express Air Fry Mini Oven

Key specs – Capacity: Dimensions: 36 x 45 x 31cm; Maximum temperature: 220c; Power: 1500W; Accessories included: crumb tray, wire shelf, drip tray, mesh air fry rack; Functions: air fry, bake, grill, toast, keep warm; Manufacturer warranty: 3 year

There’s more to this mini oven than just air frying – you can also bake, grill, warm and use it for everything you would normally fire up the big guns for. 

Our tester often used it when cooking solo rather than use her main oven and loved the fast pre-heating and ‘warm’ control for keeping things ready and waiting to eat. 

We also liked the wide, open mesh tray that slid in with a full layer of potato wedges that cooked evenly when we turned them a couple of times during their 22 minute air fry. It was great to be able to keep an eye on everything through the large glass door, but we’d have preferred more accurate, digital controls. 

A great energy saver, using less than half the average full-sized oven, it’s an all-round great buy.

Digital Crisp Air Fryer

Key specs – Capacity: Dimensions: 26x32x35cm; Maximum temperature: 200c; Power: 1350W; Accessories included: cooking basket; Functions: air fry; fish, seafood, steak, chicken, pizza, baked goods; Manufacturer warranty: 3 year

There are some great time-saving pre-set controls on this Lakeland model, so you’re one touch away from fish, seafood, frozen or fresh fries, steak, chicken, pizza and baked goods like cupcakes or pie. 

Our tester liked the smaller footprint of this cylindrical model as it took up less space in her tiny kitchen. The digital controls were easy to negotiate, and it’s easy to gauge cooking times as it cooks by simply pressing pause and pulling the basket out for a check.

 Home made chips on the pre-set needed a further 5 minutes to get to our preferred levels of crispiness, but overall, this is a good value machine that’s easy to clean and use. 

Retro Manual Air Fryer

Key specs – Capacity: 6l; Dimensions 29x40x35cm; Maximum temperature: 200c; Power: 1350W; Accessories included: cooking tray; Functions: air fry; Manufacturer warranty: 2 year

This retro-styled fryer looks great on the countertop and you can match it to other multi-coloured kitchen accessories from Swan such as toasters and kettles. 

So it looks good, but does it do the job well? Short answer: yes, but there aren’t any fancy functions or gimmicks with this air fryer. The wind up timer and sliding temperature knobs are basic, but we’ve found with all our models that you’ll usually want to go back mid-cook to check on progress, so it’s easy enough to boost or reduce cooking time at any stage. 

The non-stick basket insert on this fryer was easy to clean and a real hit with junior cooks in the family who found it easy to use (under supervision of course; like all models here, the casing got hot with prolonged use.)

Tefal ActiFry Genius XL Air Fryer

Key specs – Capacity: 1.7kg; Dimensions 26 x 33x 48cm; Maximum temperature: 220c; Power: 1500W; Accessories included: ceramic-coated plate and cooking pot, crisper basket, probe, cleaning brush; Functions: grill, air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, reheat; Manufacturer warranty: 2 years

Tefal’s best-selling air fryer is certainly a talking point with its space-age looks. The donut shaped tray sits inside the dome, with a paddle that moves the food around as it cooks. This means the contents are constantly being moved and cook evenly, with hardly any oil being used. 

This model has an extra tray that sits on top, meaning you can also cook more delicate pieces of fish or meat simultaneously. This clever machine will adapt the cooking time, temperature, and the hot air circulation. 

With great auto settings and speedy cooking times, we loved trying out recipe ideas on the MyActiFry phone app, too. A fast and healthy way to get adventurous in the kitchen.

Foodi Max Health Grill Air Fryer

Key specs – Capacity: 5.7l; Dimensions 27x39x41cm; Maximum temperature: 260c; Power: 2460W; Accessories included: ceramic-coated plate and cooking pot, crisper basket, probe, cleaning brush; Functions: grill, air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, reheat; Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Fancy an air fryer that will cook the most perfect chargrilled steak to go along with those crunchy wedges? This is a revelation – not only does it make a sirloin to die for, you can walk away and leave it to cook thanks to the temperature probe, which ensures your meat is done to order. 

There’s serious heat and power here but we found the filtration on this model good – any smoke produced was well contained, and smells were kept down too. 

This is a serious contender if you’re adventurous in the kitchen rather than a tv-dinner ‘heat and eat’ cook. Duck breasts, roasted cauli steaks, sweet potato wedges… they were all done to a t, with excess fat drained away and no need to flip the food mid-cook.

Philips Air fryer XXL

Key specs – Capacity: 7.3l; Dimensions 32x 43x 32cm; Maximum temperature: 200c; Power: 2225W; Accessories included: air fry basket, fat reducer tray; Functions: fry, bake, roast, grill, keep warm; Manufacturer warranty: 2 years

The most expensive of all the air fryers we looked at here, this is a large pull-out drawer style model that could handle everything we threw at it. 

Let’s start with the awesome, evenly-cooked chips – enough for a greedy family of four - and any other freezer dishes we tried were done perfectly, using either the pre-set buttons (fries, meat, fish, whole chickens, or drumsticks) or manual time and temperature settings. 

The ‘keep warm’ function gave food a blast of heat occasionally for up to half an hour after cooking, so this one was great for distracted parents with a lot going on at tea-time. 

Robust and easy to clean, this Philips model was our choice for a great quality of build and crisp, perfectly-cooked, and healthier dishes, thanks to inbuilt tech designed to extract more fat from ingredients.


Key specs – Capacity: 6L; Dimensions 38.5x39.5x42.5cm; Maximum temperature: 240c; Power: 1400w. Accessories included: a handle for removin the cooking bowl and a wire rack for roasting and baking.

This air fryer makes low fat cooking quick and easy. It deep fries, bakes, grills and roasts by circulating hot air with its 1400W of power.

It’s self-explanatory and very easy to use, you simply select the relevant cooking process and press start.

If you want to manually adjust the temperature or cooking time, simply enter it onto the control panel. The temperature can be adjusted from 50 to 240°C, while the cooking time can be set up to 60 minutes, in one minute intervals.

A particularly unique feature of the Vitair air fryer is its rotational system and 360° cooking process.

As it cooks, the bowl and its contents continuously rotate around its own axis, ensuring the heat is evenly distributed.

What’s even more sophisticated is how the whole fryer can tilt to the left or right. Together with the rotational system, the food gets repeatedly shaken around and crisply browned all over.

Salter EK4221 Air Fryer

Key specs – Capacity: 4.5l; Dimensions: 33x27x32cm; Maximum temperature: 200c; Power: 1300W; Accessories included: cooking basket; Functions: air fry; chips, meat, seafood, cake, chicken, steak, fish; Manufacturer warranty: 3 year

You may wonder whether you would use an air fryer and if it’s worth sacrificing valuable worktop space for yet another gadget that doesn’t get much use. 

Happily, our tester went the opposite way – with three teenage kids she wondered how she survived this long without one. 

A total of seven pre-sets worked well for anything from steak to seafood, with the obligatory chips button being most-used, of course. 

This budget choice tackled mostly freezer snacks and potato in all its forms and performed as well as far more expensive models we looked at.