Best electric garden shredders UK for chipping, shredding and maintaining your garden

From auto feed, noisiness, portability to waste containment size: we look at the features that make for a great electric garden shredder

Best electric garden shredders for chipping, shredding and maintaining your garden Best electric garden shredders for chipping, shredding and maintaining your garden
Best electric garden shredders for chipping, shredding and maintaining your garden

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If you’ve got a gardening task looming that has the potential to generate large mountains green waste, it’s worth considering investing in a garden shredder to help you keep things in order. Although the initial outlay may be steep, you’ll be saving on car journeys back and forth from your local recycling centre. Shredded waste will also take up less room in your green waste bin (if you have one) and you can use shredded matter for mulching your plants and vegetables.

As a rule of thumb, shredders tend to work best when fed solid stems and small branches. Leaves, grass and wet foliage have a tendency to clog cutting mechanisms and so are to be avoided. If you do have large amounts of soft green waste to process, mixing it with woodier detritus will help keep things running smoothly.

Things to look out for when using a garden shredder

Auto feed

Most shredders will have an auto feed function which will grab the green waste you feed it and draw it down through the cutting mechanism to be processed.

Cable length

Most (but not all) shredders will be supplied with a power cable. If your intended shredding site is a distance away from your mains socket, make sure your shredder cable can comfortably stretch to the task.


You’ll want to store your shredder in a shed or garage to protect it from the elements when not in use. A lightweight shredder with decent wheels and a carry handle will make your life a whole lot easier after a long day of shredding.

Button functionality

Shredders will typically come with a stop/start button and a reverse function (much like a paper shredder). Before you begin your shredding session it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the location of these buttons should anything untoward happen. Typically you’ll need to engage the reverse button if you get a blockage in the cutting mechanism.

Waste containers

Some shredders come equipped with waste containers, some do not. Shredders that can operate without containers are great for shredding in situ when you just want to spread the resulting mulch on the ground where it falls. Shredders that have integrated collection containers will not usually operate unless it is engaged, so a larger capacity container will save frequent emptying.