Best slow cookers UK 2023: energy efficient models

Easy to prep, energy efficient, comforting and delicious - slow cooker meals are superbly nourishing. Here are the best models on the market

8 of the best slow cookers from Lakeland, Morphy Richards8 of the best slow cookers from Lakeland, Morphy Richards
8 of the best slow cookers from Lakeland, Morphy Richards

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The irony of an appliance with a name like slow cooker actually speeding up meal prep isn’t lost on us. But, because of the one-pot-wonder nature and the very minimal effort a recipe often requires once it’s bubbling away, it really is a time-saver where cooking is concerned.

Ideal for families, batch-preppers, busy folk, and anyone who favours faff-free cooking, slow cookers tend to take the stress out of meal prep. You pop your ingredients in, switch it on, and a few hours later – having simmered away on a low temperature – Bob’s your uncle – dinner is served. But, how do you choose the best slow cooker for you?

How to shop for the best slow cooker

Generally speaking, slow cookers are pretty straightforward to use. Some have more settings than others, so it’s worthwhile considering if you’re in the market for easy and breezy or something a little more sophisticated.

Capacity and size are also important to bear in mind – a larger capacity feeds more mouths or makes leftovers for meals later in the week, but takes up more counter – or cupboard - space.

Finally, think about ease of care (is the pot non-stick, and is it dishwasher friendly?) and, importantly, your budget.

Best slow cookers at a glance

Are slow cookers energy efficient?

You may logically assume that because slow cookers are on for such a long time, they use a great deal of power. To the contrary, they’re a very energy efficient means of cooking food - because the element uses a very low current, instead relying on trapped heat to cook food.

For example, a slow cooker running for around 9 hours will use about 1300 watts, where by comparison an oven uses between 2000-5000 watts (depending on its energy rating) for 60 minutes use at 180 degrees celsius.

You can also utilise cheaper cuts of meat - indeed, fatty cheap cuts are ideal for slow-cooking, as they render and tenderise beautifully over time - and vegetables that are near the end of their shelf life, so they’re great for creating less expensive, but still wholesome family meals.

Here is our list of the 8 best slow cookers available right now.

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