Best snow sled and tobaggans UK 2022: sleds for adults and children including plastic, wooden and inflatable

After a mild start to the year, the Met Office has warned us that we can expect temperatures to plummet in the coming days

Best sleds, sledges, and tobaggansBest sleds, sledges, and tobaggans
Best sleds, sledges, and tobaggans

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With this drop in temperature, many areas across the UK are also bracing themselves for the return of snow.

Snow provides an opportunity for fun for all the family, as once the white stuff falls many of us are rushing to find a sledge and get out there and enjoy the wintery landscape while it lasts.

What type of sled is right for me?

Snow sleds have evolved a lot in recent years, and the have come a long way since the classic wooden designs from decades ago.

Toboggans have a curved front side, and can made of plastic, wood or be inflatable. One of the main reasons why they are so popular is they are relatively easy to control by shifting weight from side to side.

Snow tubes have grown in popularity over the last few years. As they are inflatable that means they are much more comfortable compared to other types of sleds. They have a donut-like shape and elevated edges to give more stability during travel over slopes.

Typical snow sledges which are made of wood are also still available on the market - although they are less common now.

What sleds are available to buy?

We have rounded up six of the best sleds available on the market right now below - with something for every member of the family and every budget.

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