Best sofa beds UK 2022: the most comfortable sofas that convert into great beds, from M&S, Made, and Swoon

Sofa beds are not what they once were: no longer the lumpen, clunky propositions of yesteryear

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Many of us have spent the night on a sagging sofa bed, our back in shreds by the morning, while many more have endured the discomfort of sitting on a sofa that, in aiming to provide two services in one, fails to accomplish either.

Thankfully, modern iterations have taken a huge leap forward in design - and, consequently, comfort. And so it is now possible to purchase a stylish sofa bed that does precisely what you would hope: provides a space saving solution to how to have both a sofa, and a place for guests to sleep, in the one place.

Click-clack, or pull out sofa bed?

Sofa beds are generally available in two forms. The ‘click-clack’ sofa is one where the back cushion of the sofa folds down and clicks flat - essentially forming a futon - so you then sleep on the flattened sofa.

A ‘pull-out’ - the more traditional model - is transformed by removing the cushions to pull out the mattress and frame. ‘Click-clacks’ are simple to use and generally cheaper. ‘Pull-outs’ tend to be more comfortable.

What should I look for in a sofa bed?

What sofa bed works best for you will depend on how frequently you plan on using it (if you have lodgers, for example, or family members who visit often, say, you’ll want to opt for something pricier that has a higher-end memory foam mattress), how much space you have, the décor of your room, and how much seating/sleep space you require.

As with everything - the more you pay, the higher the comfort level, but there are still some impressive lower end options available. Here’s our favourite tried and tested sofa beds on the market.

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