Storage beds UK: the best beds with storage underneath to save space in your bedroom, from Wayfair, Ikea

Need a space to stash away clothes, books and bedroom clutter? Sleep on it - with one of these stylish storage beds

Which storage bed is best We round-up the market leaders for 2021Which storage bed is best We round-up the market leaders for 2021
Which storage bed is best We round-up the market leaders for 2021

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Why choose a storage bed?

When you think about the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, it seems logical to use what is potentially a huge, unused space underneath it for blankets, bedlinen, clothes or general bedroom mess.

Even the smallest room could work with a double bed that incorporates storage on the headboard too, since you then won’t have to introduce storage like chest of drawers or other bookcases.

What to look for

Always measure up first and consider whether the bed comes ready-made or has to be assembled in situ. The latter is obviously better if you haven’t much space to get bulky furniture upstairs to the bedroom.

All of the frames in our round up are in a standard double size – that’s 4’6’’ or 137cm, but you must factor in the surrounds of the frame, especially if it includes shelves or other storage.

What’s comfortable for you?

If you like a softer mattress style, it may pay to go for a traditional divan style base, with a sprung edge. This will mean you’re limited to drawers underneath rather than a lift-up ottoman style of storage bed, which usually come with sprung slats.

The combination of slats and a memory foam or orthopaedic mattress will please those who like a firmer bed.

Shop around for the right one for you – going in store is a must, even if you do order online later - choosing from a trad construction or something more modern like a gel-topped mattress or something in memory foam.

None of the bed frames we’ve listed here come with mattress included, so there’s unlimited scope to find the best combo of base and mattress for you. We’d advise a boxed mattress for convenience - these are the best around.

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