Former Premier League referee delivers verdict on Kieran Trippier’s overturned red card against Manchester City

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher believes that the decision to overturn Kieran Trippier’s red card against Manchester City was the correct call.

Trippier was initially shown a red card by Jarred Gillett following his tackle on Kevin De Bruyne in the 75th minute.

However, the Australian official was asked to check his decision by Peter Bankes, who was on VAR duty for the game, and eventually overturned the red card, downgrading it to a booking.

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It would turn out to be a crucial moment during proceedings as United held on to take a point - and Gallagher believes that it was the right decision to keep Trippier on the pitch.

Speaking on Sky Sports ‘Ref Watch’, Gallagher said: “I can understand why Jarred has given a red card because he’s got what I call a ‘staring down the barrel of a gun’ view and he thinks [Trippier] has kicked him. He thinks he has kicked him across the knee.

“I think Peter Bankes was excellent. He looked at it, asked Jarred what he felt he had seen and then he came back and said ‘I’ve seen it and described it as a cynical tackle but it wasn’t serious foul play. He hasn’t caught him with his studs across the knee, I advise you go to the monitor to have a look’.

“Jarred went and had a look and to his credit he agreed and came back and the right decision was made.”

Stephen Warnock was also asked his opinion on the tackle and the former Aston Villa and Liverpool man believes that De Bruyne’s reaction to the tackle may have swayed the referee’s initial decision:

Kieran Trippier was shown a red card by referee Jarred Gillett which was later overturned to a yellow card during Newcastle United's 3-3 draw with Manchester City (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Warnock said: “I was at the game so when I saw the situation, the big thing for me was De Bruyne’s reaction and I think that’s one of the things that Jarred Gillett almost got sucked into. He felt it was dangerous in the way that [Trippier] did it.

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“I also agree with Dermot that he wasn’t [necessarily] on the wrong side, but the view he had of it, he was almost on top of it so he couldn’t see where the tackle had gone with the angle of the studs.

“When he makes the tackle the studs are facing down so for me it was the correct decision.”