'The wonder of Woolworths' - Gazette readers share their memories of South Shields shop

Thousands of shoppers have picked up a bargain in South Shields’ King Street over the years – so we have been asking you to share some of your favourite memories.

We asked for your King Street memories - and Woolworths was definitely one of your favourites!
We asked for your King Street memories - and Woolworths was definitely one of your favourites!

Whether you popped down to the bustling street to watch some town centre entertainment, run an errand or pick up something in particular, one thing is for sure – good old Woolworths was one of your favourite stores.

It had a bit of everything – from the pick and mix sweets to your favourite records.

Dozens of Gazette readers have rolled up to share their shopping memories of visits to King Street and wonderful Woolies.

You all had your favourite thing about Woolworths!

Here is what you had to say on the Shields Gazette Facebook page:

Caroline Firth: “Loved Woolworths when I was a kid, looking through the posters and me and my friends getting our photos taken in the photo booth.”

Catherine Elliott: “The coffee creams that were part of the pic and mix, lush. Woolies had a bit of everything, really was a wonder, wish it was still there.”

Donna Watson: “Loved Woolworths, the toys, records, sad day when it went.”

Linda Richardson: “Happy Days. My dad bought my favourite doll off the ‘baby’ counter. It was a mannequin and not for sale until he did some negotiating. Went every Saturday for a toy and pick and mix.”

Debra Hutchison: “Loved Woolworths at Christmas time.”

Paula French: “When my youngest daughter was little, she would love to go among the kids shoes and try every pair on. Got many a cute Ladybird outfit from Woolies for her.”

Lee Chow: “The toy department … I was amazed.”

Tracey Wright: “As a teenager we spent hours in there on a Saturday, the record counter the makeup counter, posters for your bedroom wall, and the pick and mix.”

Linda Wood: “The wonder of Woolworths, great shop.”

Dan Garrett: “Getting the electric chair levels of static from the bannister! Scarred for life, I'm not even joking, I'm really cautious around metal bannisters.”