What South Shields's General Election 2019 candidates have promised to do for you

We asked all of South Shields’s General Election candidates to outline why voters should choose them on Thursday, December 12.

Tuesday, 10th December 2019, 4:24 pm

They were all asked to submit a photograph, a written article and a short video. If they do not appear here it is because we have not received them.

Emma Lewell-Buck (Labour)

In the last six years I have always made sure your voice is heard loud and clear in Westminster.

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Six candidates are standing in South Shields in the 2019 General Election.

In 2017 you re-elected me on the firm promise that I would stand by the result of the Referendum and I have.

I promised to work for a Brexit deal that would protect jobs, workers’ rights and environmental standards and I have.

As a believer in democracy, I have been transparent, accountable and honest. Even in the most difficult of Brexit votes I have never “sat on the fence”. I will always stand by the promises I make to you.

You know that I am active and visible all year round. Your priorities are my priorities because South Shields is my home too.

Labour candidate Emma Lewell-Buck.

I got into politics not just to talk about issues but to make a real, practical difference.

Ten years of Tory austerity has hit South Shields hard.

During my time as your MP I have worked to alleviate the affects it has had by helping over 16,000 residents.

I have brought investment in our Metro and jobs to our area. I have introduced legislation to alleviate poverty and each summer enabled clubs for local children and families who are struggling to put food on the table. I have been at the forefront of the fight to save our hospital; a Labour Government is the only way to protect our NHS.

Green Party candidate Sarah McKeown.

For the real change our country so desperately needs we need a Labour Government.

I hope you will once again, on December 12, put your faith in me.

Sarah McKeown (Greens)

I am very proud to be standing for the Green Party in South Shields.

Conservative candidate Oni Oviri

The Green Party are passionate about improving people's lives and wellbeing across the whole of society.

In the North East of England inequalities are all too apparent.

The climate crisis will only serve to exacerbate these inequalities, with the impact on health due to rising levels of pollution on our streets, rising prices due to scarcity of certain foods and the effect on local business of more frequent climate events and sea level rises.

We don't want South Shields to be left behind to stagnate.

We need investment in local business to create a bustling high street with good, affordable bus links to and from the town centre. We deserve quality local services, schools and hospitals.

The South Tyneside Green Party has been working with the community, actively campaigning to save South Tyneside hospital, supporting foodbanks and various local charities and can regularly be seen in groups collecting litter on the beach and surrounding streets.

William Shepherd.

The first Green councillor in South Shields was elected in May this year on a landslide and has been working tirelessly for the community ever since.

We want to build a South Shields that the people deserve, a South Shields for the future and for the future our children and grandchildren.

Oni Oviri (Conservatives)

My ambitions for South Shields are firstly to get Brexit done and dusted by January 31.

This will respect your vote in the referendum and unleash the post-Brexit-prize of the conversion of Tyneside into a Free Port, conceivably making the area into the Dubai of Britain.

Free Ports operate without tariffs and attract manufacturing companies globally, generating a rising tide of high value jobs.

In my view, there needs to be improved transport links across the Tyne to ease traffic in the area and encourage the 700,000 Cruise Ship tourists who disembark annually on the North side of the river to visit South Shields.

I am therefore a keen proponent of a new ferry crossing from Northumbrian Quay to South Shields to turbo charge tourism.I am already conducting a dialogue with the Minister of Health in regards to South Tyneside Hospital in order to get a review of services and maintain top quality health provisions here.I have researched specialist funding availability for Coastal Communities and plan to apply on your behalf for further regeneration funding.My election would signal a departure from the endless squabbling and dysfunctionality of the local Labour Party and the dawn of a new type of politics based on transparency and respect.I am well placed to make this happen.

I have a degree in procurement and supply chain management that enabled me to found my own international consultancy and advise companies on post-Brexit strategies. I have the know how to deliver.

Further, as a Conservative councillor, I know how to fight and solve local issues at street levels.

William Shepherd (Liberal Democrats)

By profession I am a chartered engineer specialising in Electronics and Software, I graduated from Newcastle University in 1990 and have had a series of engineering jobs on Tyneside over the last three decades.

I have significant political experience; I spent fourteen years as a local councillor, during which time I was responsible for economic development and was the Liberal Democrats’ senior member of the Northumbria Police Authority.

As a councillor, I made a priority to promote the rights of military veterans.

Prior to becoming involved in politics I was an officer of the Royal Naval Reserve for nineteen years.

My experience in both business and politics has made it clear to me that core to the future prosperity of the North East is a vibrant economy generating high quality, well paid jobs.

Brexit is the single biggest threat to jobs in South Shields, which is one reason I want us to remain.

The Westminster government has never properly cared for the North East.

South Shields has been a safe Labour seat since it was won from the Liberals in 1935 and now it is taken for granted and generally discounted from the national debate by Labour and Tories alike.

The constituents of South Shields have shown their desire to make a change by voting to leave the EU.

It is time to make sure that a different voice is heard from South Shields.

Geoff Thompson (Independent)

Britain’s MPs have let our country and our town down.

Let me be clear, I will vote in Parliament for us to leave the EU with a deal - no ifs, no buts.

This election, however, is not only about Brexit.

Look around our communities, consider our town centre and the lack of jobs.

You’ve had a Labour MP since 1935. I believe we need fresh thinking and we need to start working together. No-one else is going to do it for us.

I will:

* Defend our NHS – Farage and Johnson will sell it off to America;* Support measures to tackle climate change and halt global warming, protect our planet for future generations;* Work to deliver new jobs for South Shields – lobbying ministers and Whitehall to deliver a new economic plan for the town;* Challenge South Tyneside Council when I believe they are wrong and support them when I believe their strategy is right;

* Work with groups locally and in Parliament to tackle inequality and racism and promote legislation for real equality for women;

* Support tax cuts for hard working families and campaign to overhaul the Council Tax system;

* Protect our pensioners and guarantee dignity in old age;

* Promote the cause of forces veterans who have done so much for our country.

It’s time a fresh start in South Shields and Whitburn.

I hope I can count on your support!

Glenn Michael Thompson (Brexit)

I’m Glenn Michael Thompson married to Lynn, with a daughter Emma. I’ve always lived in South Shields. Engineer (retired), businessman/councillor for South Tyneside council.

I felt pride in our country and town when we voted in the EU Referendum giving a clear mandate to Leave. Over three years later, the fight continues for democracy.

Like many, I’m disillusioned with the political class and the betrayal of the Brexit mandate.

In May I stood as a councillor, in opposition to Labour with a passion to see the Leave mandate honoured. I won, taking Westoe, a previously strong Labour seat.

I’m having success with community initiatives in the Readhead Park, Harton cemetery and The Friends of South Tyneside Hospital.

The Brexit Party’s call came, for local people who believed in Brexit to apply as a Parliamentary candidate.

As a result, I’m now focused on representing the huge Leave majority in South Shields.

We deserve better, needing a stronger MP who will work with the council and represent us in Parliament on so much, not least Brexit.

In December it’s our chance to address the lack of honour and trust in politics.

With Brexit Party policies a return of our fishing industry, zero High St business rates helping the town centre/market thrive, invest in local road and rail and create freeports in the region.

We need change, we demand Brexit, democracy and the future of our country is at stake.

Only the Brexit Party in Parliament will ensure Brexit. I’m honoured to represent my home for The Brexit Party.

Independent candidate Geoff Thompson.
Glenn Thompson.