The challenges of when a marriage breaks down.

The challenges of a marriage breakdown and what happens to the family home

I have been considering separating from my partner of 15 years for quite some time now as I believe our marriage has broken down.
However, I have never spoken to my partner about this as I have a number of concerns and my main worry is the house as I do not know what would happen or what options I may have.
I am worried my son who is aged 11 and I may end up homeless, what can I do?

The laws around grandparents seeking access to their grandchildren Picture: PA.

The laws for grandparents seeking access to their grandchildren

My daughter is a single parent to my six-year-old grandson. Being a single parent I would try and help her out as much as possible with child care.
A few months ago she got into a new relationship. I do not think my daughter’s new partner is good for her or my grandson.
Since I told my daughter about my concerns she has stopped me seeing my grandson. As a grandparent do I have any rights and if so what can I do to see my grandson?

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